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We strive towards balanced and equal working environment. Therefore, we put great effort on all of our employees‘ wellbeing, both mentally and physically. We are a happy company if you want to come to work in the morning and if you want to go home in the evening. The key to success lies in a work-life balance and we are all thumbs up for that. We always look for people with great skills in IT, development, finances and more. Let us hear from you!

At BB Finance Group, all employees enjoy:
  • Modern tools and working environment;

  • A great and supportive team;
  • Flexible working hours and 8 days extra vacation;
  • Eyewear compensation and massage (12 hours per year) plus everyday possibility to use the office massage chair;
  • 24/7 entrance to company’s private gym;
  • Monthly social activities and events.

We endeavor to be a great place to work for people thriving for excellence in fin-tech world and best choice for customers who need to make financial expenses with short-term loans. Within our journey we have grown marketwise, country wise and client wise. New motivated and bright talents join our team each year.

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